Canlan Sports York – Parking

York University has recently implemented a new process for how Canlan Sports – York guests receive complimentary parking during their visit.
As of January 31st, all Canlan Sports – York guests will continue to receive complimentary parking in the Canlan Sports designated section (shown in blue on the map below), but all vehicles will now be required to register their vehicle during each visit.
NOTE: Failure to register your vehicle will result in a City of Toronto parking ticket.

WEEKDAY PARKING – The below image shows Canlan Sports – York parking between 6 AM & 6 PM on Friday.
NOTE: If you can’t find a spot in the blue section of the image below on Friday before 6 PM, and you park in the red section, there are three (3) ways to pay for parking:

  1. Using the pay machine situation near the entrance to the York University parking area
  2. Using the HONK tap signs located inside the parking area and near the pay machine –will lead the customer to a payment page for parking
  3. Download the HONK Mobile app and pay for parking relative to the Shoreham Lot.

REGISTERING FOR FREE PARKING – You will need to complete one of the three (3) methods to ensure you don’t receive a City of Toronto Parking Violation Notice during each visit.

  1.  Scanning the QR code located in front of the Sport Shop
  2.  Entering your licence plate into the terminal, also located in front of the Sport Shop
  3. Scan a QR code located in each dressing room

NOTE: Failure to pay for parking will result in a City of Toronto Parking Violation Notice, so please ensure that you register your vehicle each visit